The Rock began in the early 90's as an inner-city church in the heart of central city Toledo. Soon after the church began, Pastor Keith and Shannon Stepp, new graduates from Southeastern Bible College, moved from Florida to become the lead pastors. Their main focus was ministry to children and meeting the physical and spiritual needs of every person they encountered. The early days were difficult, but through perseverance and lots of prayer and hard work, the church began to grow. 

The Early Days

When Solid Rock bought the old masonic building on the corner of South and Broadway, the church began to expand rapidly. Salvation, radical transformation and revival swept through the neighborhood. The food ministry, clothing give-away, and block parties met the physical needs of the area; the services, revival meetings and ministries met the spiritual needs of the city. Pastor Keith opened the Solid Rock School of Ministry and many future leaders were trained up to lead the next generation. 



As Solid Rock began to outgrow the "Broadway Building", Pastor Keith and the staff began to think about expansion. What did God have next? Pastor Keith's heart was always to connect those with a heart for ministry to those who needed ministry. God began to show him that it was time for a move. He asked Pastors Josh and Joy Hester to remain in the Old South End of Toledo as the lead Pastors (the church now called Vision Ministries) and moved the church to Oregon, OH. His hopes were to reach the east side of Toledo while giving room for younger leaders to spread their wings. 

Pastor Keith soon realized that his time in Toledo was coming to an end. There is no shortage of lives that were radically changed by Pastor Keith and Shannon's ministry. As he looked for the next pastor of Solid Rock, he realized that God had already sent him through another graduate from Southeastern University: Carlos Hernandez. Carlos had moved to Toledo to marry his sweetheart, but unbeknownst to him, God had more than marriage in store. 



Solid Rock struggled to find its place. How does an inner-city, Spirit-filled, multicultural church fit in the suburbs of Oregon, OH? God showed us how! We are real people from ALL walks of life advancing the Kingdom of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. It's His Spirit that does the work; we only have to listen and be obedient. We love the community where God has placed us. We changed our name to The Rock, are currently adding on a new addition that connects our first two buildings and are experiencing record growth through salvation and our growing families! God is doing incredible things in the life of His church and we are excited to be part of it. 

Our beloved Pastor, Keith Stepp, after a long and valiant battle with cancer, has recently gone to be with the Lord. He impacted countless lives.  His heart for the outcast and marginalized set an example for us all. His love for all people defined him. His passion for the things of God and His Spirit stood above the rest. He is dearly missed. His wife Shannon, with their eight kids, still lives in Florida, pastoring the church they started together: Sacred Fire Ministries. 

In Memory of PK